Tyre Pressure Monitor systems (TPMS)

Tyre Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS)

Over recent years tyre pressure monitoring systems have become more popular. Originally fitted to luxury cars, now these systems are fitted to all vehicles type approved after November 2012. Two types of system are in use.The first is a passive system, this uses the ABS systems vehicle speed sensors to determine  different wheel speeds thus calculating if a tyre has lost pressure. The second is an active system which has a sensor inside the tyre and transmits data to the control module and displaying  faults to the driver. Each of these systems require dedicated procedure’s on wheel, Tyre, and sensor, replacements to avoid problems.

At R M Motors we have the necessary equipment to resolve problems from these systems. TPMS is currently an advisable issue on an MOT however this is likely to become a failure issue in the future.

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