Mazda DPF warning lamp on or flashing

Mazda’s diesel particulate filter works in the same way that most other manufacturer’s systems work, (please see ‘diesel particulate filter’ section on this site) but with some slight difference’s. The main difference is the engine control module measures the amount of regeneration’s the DPF has carried out, and due to the process, diesel fuel can enter the sump mixing with the engine oil. If this is left unchecked the engine oil can overfill the sump leading to engine damage. So if the engine oil is getting excessively diluted the DPF lamp will come on to request an oil change. The remedy for this situation is to carry out the service as required (using the low ash C1 engine oil dedicated for Mazda’s DPF vehicles) and then to reset the service counter in the DPF control module.

At R M Motors we have the equipment to service and reset the DPF system on Mazda vehicles.

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