Welcome to RM Motors Website

What do you want from the people who service your car? Words like ‘honest, ‘reliable’ and ‘great value for money’ probably spring to mind, don’t they?

You want your mechanic to be someone you can call whenever you have the slightest concern about your car, without worrying that they’ll be charging up a fat fee just to ‘have a look’.

You want the confidence that when you’re told a part is wearing out, it really is nearing the end of its life and you’re not being charged to replace something that’s got plenty of mileage left in it.

You want to drive away knowing that you and your car have been well-treated and with the confidence that you can go back with any query or question, however trivial it might be.

If this is what you want from the people who care for your car, then why not pay a visit to RM Motors? See for yourself whether what we do matches our words on this website.

Electrical Problem Diagnosis is our Speciality

Does your car have a nagging electrical problem that’s not easy to track down? Odd warning lights that come on for no apparent reason? We can help!

In the good old days the majority of vehicle faults could be diagnosed by a mechanic putting their head under the bonnet. Now they need to hook up computers to the car and need the skills to understand what the software is telling them.

We’ve been specialising in electrical problem diagnosis on cars for years and our skills are regularly called on by other local garages.

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